Our babies come with:

2 year genetic health warranty
Strict return contract (To keep our babies out of shelters)
All age appropriate vaccinations/wormings
Veterinary Exam at 5 days, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.
Health Certificate and clean fecal ( For all Dogs Flying) 
Lifetime breeder support
Beginning of basic obedience and housbreaking
Bag of premium puppy food
Gift bag with puppy goodies
And more...

Delivery and ear cropping is available at an additional expense to the buyer. Serious buyers may contact us directly to perform phone screening interview and to place your deposit via PayPal or FB Messenger pay.

*Information above has been provided for you to make a sound decision, but please, for all that is holy and pure, if you have to clear your decision to purchase a puppy with a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, landlord, business partner, baby mama, baby daddy, your 3 year old, friend, neighbor, cousin, with Miss Cleo your psychic advisor, your sister's friend's second cousin once removed's brother's goldfish, or any other party not aforementioned, please check and clear with them FIRST before wasting my and your time, tire kickers may be fed to the Danes 😜. Also, if you do not have the funds because you are waiting for one of your own pups to sell, waiting on a tax refund, lottery winnings, lawsuit settlement, garage sale earnings, structured settlement annuity or some other such nonsense, please people, get things settled with JG Wentworth first, then contact me.


That being said, and all joking aside, we are of course always available and welcome any additional questions about our babies and genuinely look forward to helping you find the perfect fit for your family. Be sure to look at our Nursery page for available puppies. Also, keep in mind that  puppy rearing is time consuming we don't always get all our available babies uploaded online right away, don't hesitate to ask us what else might be available!

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